Green Tables for Elsevier Writing, Language, Applied Linguistics, and Linguistics Journals

(note: this is an idea initiated by Ted Bergstrom for Economics, and much of the website, including phrasing, is modeled on his at green table website (

Since the University of California no longer has the Elsevier Big Deal, volumes of Elsevier journals published in 2019 or later will no longer be available directly from Elsevier.  Fortunately preprints of most articles published by Elsevier are available in the form of "green open access."   Authors are allowed to post their own copies of the final edited version of their papers on their own websites, and on various archives. 

Here we plan to post tables of contents from several major Elsevier journals in Writing, Language, Applied Linguistics, and Linguistics, along with links to freely available preprints of these articles. In the cases where links to preprints are not available, we plan to contact authors and suggest that it is in their interest to make their work available to everyone.

If you are the author of one of the linked articles and have any corrections or updates to our listings, you can contact the Link Manager for your journal as listed below or contact

I am hoping to find volunteers, who would be willing to "adopt" one or more Elsevier  journals in the fields of  Writing, Language, Applied Linguistics, and Linguistics and maintain green tables of contents for it (them).   At this link (, you can find suggested instructions for composing a green table of contents.  I have put a * beside those journals that have been adopted.  Some of the many other Elsevier journals that remain in the rescue shelter, hoping to be adopted are listed without stars.  You should also be free to propose any Elsevier journals not listed that you would wish to adopt.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact me (Chuck Bazerman) at

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Assessing Writing

Brain and Language

Computers and Composition


Discourse, Context & Media

English for Specific Purposes

Journal of English for Academic Purposes

Journal of Memory and Language

Journal of Neurolinguistics

Journal of Phonetics

Journal of Pragmatics

Journal of Second Language Writing

Language & Communication

Language Sciences


Linguistics and Education